Hi, I’m Amir Hoshang Hashemi and I want to speak to you about my cultural and artistic world.


Lecturer of filmmaking courses and film analysis classes at Parsa Film Academy 1997 to 1998 Lecturer of film analysis classes and acting in front of the camera at the college of acting in the 2000s

football Federation

The official representative of the Football Federation in FIFA meetings


Paths to glory (Director: Siros Moghadam) 1998 Channel 3 Days of Life (Director: Siros Moghadam) 2000 Channel 3

Cooperation with IRIB

Cooperation in producing "Shoma va Sima" Series

Theater production

Evening (director: Sahra Fathi) presented in Vancouver

Translation and authorship

Conversation with Brando (published by Panjereh publishing 2021)

My movies and brands

Financing, Producing & Filmmaking Activities
  • A woman who was a poet: (Director Sahra Fathi) Year 2021, a joint production of Iran and Canada
  • Brit: director, editor and screenwriter
  • Intersection by Kevin Matthew Joseph: director of photography
  • Heaven & Earth: script writer
  • Admirer by Matthew Barrett: Cinematographer
  • Cigarettes & Death by Atman Prota: sound engineer
  • First Kiss by Mark Oben: first assistant director
  • Last Score by John Lawson: second assistant director
  • Life with Mark Documentary, produced by Shawn Avari: sound recorder
  • Sufism Documentary: Production Manager
  • Mother: director and screenwriter – one-minute short film
  • Evening (director: Sahra Fathi) presented in Vancouver

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